How to Install Wifite

Step 1)  Install tshark, reaver, cowpatty, and bully

sudo apt-get install tshark reaver cowpatty bully -y

Step 2)  Install pyrit
git clone && cd pyrit-installer && sudo bash

Tip:  During this process, the script install MacChanger (and asks if you want to auto change Mac).


Wifite Install Status on Raspberry Pi Zero 2

Wifite installed and lanched successfully.

But after launching, Wifite2 couldn't put wlan0 into monitor mode (as expected).

After that, RPi wouldn't auto-reconnect to WiFi.

So, something in an installed Wifite dependency messed up RPi's WiFi.

So it's time to revert to my backup.


Wtf?  It's Working..

And right as I typed that, a second reboot (third try) and RPi is online.  Lol.

My plan is to add an external WiFi card that I know supports monitor mode / packet injection (it's a USB Panda Wireless WiFi adapter from Amazon).

Then I'll try to get Wifite to only use that new WiFi adapter (should be wlan1 instead of wlan0).

After that, if Wifite works on Raspberry Pi Zero 2, I can display the output to the OLED screen and/or parse the output and display it.

I could also make a Wifite game!  We'll see..