TorGhost creates a connection between your device and the Tor network.

The idea is to channel all your device's traffic through Tor.

Using TorGhost, you can get a new IP address almost instantly.


How to install TorGhost in Kali Linux

(I'm using Raspberry Pi 0 W running Kali Linux P4wnP1 ALOA)

Step 1) Clone the repository

git clone

Step 2) Install TorGhost

chmod +x ./TorGhost/ && sudo sh ./TorGhost/

After the command above, you should see the following output:

TorGhost will be built and installed on your system!

Step 3) Launch TorGhost

sudo torghost -a -c us

The -a means start TorGhost

The "-c us" means country: US (for exit nodes)

After the entering the command above, you'll see this:

[05:40:41] Verifying your Tor connectivity...

If TorGhost was successful at starting, you'll see this:

[05:41:03] Tor has started successfully.

To check your new IP address, type this:


Compare the result with your IP before you started TorGhost!



How to Use TorGhost

Start TorGhost:

sudo torghost -a

Start Tor with specific countries as exit nodes:

sudo torghost -a -c us,uk

Stop TorGhost:

sudo torghost -x

Get your IP address and Tor connectivity status:

sudo torghost -i

Install new updates:

sudo torghost -u


TorGhost Error / TorGhost Not Starting

If you get an error when starting TorGhost, try this:

sudo sh ./


I ran the built command without sudo - and got an error.  Then re-ran the build command with sudo and TorGhost started working.


Verify IP Address Country / Location

To verify that you got an IP address from a specific country (using the "-c" option), do this:

  1. Run the command "curl" to get your torified IP address
  2. Open your web browser
  3. Search for "IP to location"
  4. Enter your "tor-ified" IP address