How to Install theHarvester on Kali Linux:

theHarvester is included with Kali Linux.

Using a Terminal window in Kali, just enter:

theHarvester -h

How to Install theHarvester Using Brew

brew install theharvester

How to Install theHarvester for Docker:

Enter these commands in Terminal after Docker is installed and running:

git clone

cd theHarvester

docker build -t theharvester .

docker run theharvester -h

Additional Github URL for theHarvester Docker (untested):

theHarvester Docker container by simonthomas

Use these commands to install simonthomas theHarvester Docker container:

docker pull simonthomas/theharvester

docker run -ti --rm theharvester:latest


How to Install theHarvester Binary (from Source)

This should work on any machine running Linux or MacOS.

git clone

cd theHarvester

python3 -m pip install -r requirements

python3 -h


Note:  Using a 32-bit install of Kali, pip3 was not installed by default.  I had to install pip using apt, but apt said it would install python3-pip instead of pip.

I also got an error the Cargo and/or Rust were not installed, which are required for theHarvester.  So I solved that with "sudo apt install -y cargo"


Programs & Apps Like theHarvester:

emailharvester (from Offensive Dockerfiles)




Error:  No Module Named Censys

Try this command:

pip install censys


or try:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt