Check out this excellent HackerNoon guide on making sock puppet accounts.

How to Make a Sock Puppet Account

Don't use your home address to create the account - use public WiFi

  1. Generate a fake identity using or
  2. Review the info, add details, and correct any issues.  I went the extra mile and found an actual, real business listing that I could say my sock puppet works at.
  3. Give your sock puppet a face using  Just refresh the page until a person shows up that matches your sock puppet's info.
  4. Go to, upload your puppet's face, and throw a quick filter on it to make it look less computer-ey.  You should also cut at least a few pixels off of JUST one edge of the image so the puppet's EYES aren't perfectly-centered (a dead giveaway for a smart algorithm or a trained human).  Apply a good Photopea filter, like (in order):  Grain, Poster edges, Crosshatch, and sprayed strokes.  Also try "Filters - Lens correction" to slightly distort or smooth any hard edges.
  5. Give your sock puppet a phone number with
  6. Give your sock puppet an email address with  You can even try to "keep" your temporary gmail account by re-entering it into the box at the bottom of that appears after clicking "Click here for custom email".
  7. Now that your sock puppet has a face, phone, and emai, we just need to give your sock puppet some social media accounts.

Make sure you record all your sock puppet's info (email, phone, etc) as you go along.



Temporary Free Email Providers

Gmailnator is the temporary Gmail account solution some websites require for registration.


Features isn't as feature-rich as Gmailnator, but it works a non-Gmail email account.



Most Desirable Sock Puppet Accounts