Sherlock finds social media accounts.

How to Install Sherlock

Clone the official Sherlock repo<

git clone

Change the working directory to Sherlock

cd sherlock

Install the requirements

python3 pip install -r requirements.txt

Run Sherlock python script (see further below for more examples):

python3 sherlock johndoe


Verified as a working install method on MacOS Big Sur.

If you have an error like "venom 431 requires asyncio==3.4.3, which is not installed", continue on.  This most likely means you installed another program before Sherlock, which uses newer dependencies.


How to Install Sherlock as a Docker Container:

If docker is installed you can build an image and run this as a container.

docker build -t mysherlock-image .

Once the image is built, sherlock can be invoked by running the following:

docker run --rm -t mysherlock-image user123



How to Use Sherlock

python3 sherlock user123

python3 sherlock user123 --verbose
python3 sherlock user1 user2 user3