Going Back to Square One

The whole reason I started this project was to make it easy for someone to create a cool little gadget.  An example of what I consider a cool little gadget would be a Bluetooth presence indicator, or "tracker".

BlueRanger adapted to display on Raspberry Pi Zero w/OLED screen

In experimenting with Bluetooth beacon tracking, I found a script called BlueRanger.

What is BlueRanger?

Blueranger takes a Bluetooth MAC address, pings it, and shows you the signal strength - along with a few other neat pieces of info.

My Goal

So my goal was to take the text-based BlueRanger app and adapt it to display a graphical output onto the OLED screen attached to Raspberry Pi.

But when I attempted this project, every way that I thought about making it required inputting the MAC address with a 2nd device.

So I asked myself, "Why should you even need a 2nd device when there's a joystick and 3 buttons on the OLED screen?"

Can't we just use the joystick and buttons on the OLED screen to input text?

YES!  We absolutely can!

Inputting Text Using Joystick + Buttons on OLED Screen

So I set out to make it possible to input text using the OLED screen.

Now that I've done that (in wifi-disp.py and wifi-pw-skiptest.py), I can resume the BlueRanger project!

How OLED BlueRanger Will Work

When I designed the scripts to take input using the joystick and 3 buttons, I made a configuration just for MAC addresses.

That means I can..

  1. Make a script that calls my already-built MAC Address get-input script
  2. Pipe the user input to the already-built OLED BlueRanger script
  3. Let BlueRanger run as the OLED screen auto-updates!

Even though the OLED "BlueRanger" project is no longer a main focus for me, I realize it's essential in continuing with p4wnsolo.


BlueRanger parses program output and displays it graphically and continuously.