Here's how to replace Google apps on Android with Private, Secure alternatives.  I know this works because I just did it with two of my Android phones (an old beater and a newer Pixel).

Hacker Tip:  Degoogle your phone completely by using the Android apps in this post as Part 1 of my Degoogle guide.

The rankings in this "GApps Alternatives" post are based on two factors:

  1. Security / Privacy / Anonymity
  2. Ease of Use & Accessibility

So if you don't care how easy apps are to use, then you'll want to rank these apps & services your damnself.



While there's no easy way to use Gmail anonymously, the best way to use email anonymously and securely is by using a completely different email provider.  That's where Tutanota comes in.  It's one of the best secure, anonymous email providers.

Tor Email Providers

If you're serious about email security / privacy / anonymity, OnionMail is for you.  Use the power of the Tor network to lock down your inbox.

While ProtonMail's security has been questioned, it's so popular that I couldn't leave it off the list.  ProtonMail also has a Tor version of their email service.

Google Drive

Google Keep

My favorite alternative to Google Keep is Safe Note.  Why?  SafeNote syncs with my notes at  This way I can access my encrypted notepad from anywhere in the world (and I don't have to store my notes locally).

The SafeNote app is actually made by - so there's no worry of whether or not a third-party app maker is siphoning your notez.

AES 256-bit Encrypted alternative to Google Keep.  Encrypted well enough to store your credit card numbers without worry.

Another AES 256-bit Encrypted alternative to Google Keep.  Provides individual note encryption / decryption, as well as batch encryption.  Sync with Dropbox, GDrive, Yandex.

For web-based Google Keep alternatives, go for or  Out of those two, I use Cryptee for simple notes and CryptPad as a Google Docs / Sheets alternative.

There's also, a favorite among security enthusiasts.

Google Maps

The go-to app for Open Source maps in Android is OsmAnd+.

It boasts a plethora of options, layers, and crowd-sourced features like Mapillary (the open source version of Google Street View).

Take special care when using the Google Maps WebView app.  It's just a "wrapper" around the mobile version of  This serves at least 1 purpose:  you're not using an app which itself tracks your data (in addition to the server-side tracking done by Google Maps).  By using GMaps WV, you eliminate the GMaps app.  But you still get to use GMaps.


If you just want YouTube without the bloated, clunky aspects of using the stock YouTube app, then try NewPipe.  It plays YouTube videos and tries to cut out the pesky ads and extra BS YouTube forces into the videos.

YouTube Vanced could be another alternative, but I haven't really seen it hanging around lately.

Google Calendar

One of the best things about Tutanota is that it tackles secure email and secure calendar all-in-one.  Pair that with the fact that 'Tut has an app for Android, iOS and blah.  And there it is: your go-to email and calendar app.  Access your Tutanota inbox via the web at

Google Chrome (Browser)

The infamous Tor Browser is your ticket to browsing anonymously.

My favorite non-Tor-powered browser is Brave.  It's fast, lightweight, and seems honest about its privacy aspirations.  Combine Brave with Calyx VPN for Android and anonymous alternatives to Google apps?  You're on your way to privacy heaven.

The first big non-tracking search engine, Duckduckgo, shines as a simple tool for quick searches.

Best Free Android VPN App


Keepass2Android (for KeepassXC)


Replace Google apps with Private, Secure CLOUD Solutions:


Free Web Hosting

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