Did you know you can extremly easily add an inexpensive 1.3" OLED screen with input joystick and buttons to a Raspberry Pi Zero?

Here's the OLED screen I'm talking about:

It's pretty damn cool, if you're interested in mini computers like Raspberry Pi - and doing awesome things with them.


For example:

Another example:

Or one of my favorite ideas with this setup:

What does that mean?

This setup is an ultra-portable, headless, web-accessible, VNC-, SSH-, GUI-enabled Kali Linux with packet monitoring / injection & Bluetooth!

Launch pentesting routines on-the-fly using fast, easy joystick input piped directly to any python / shell script.


I used this guide by DIYElectronics.za to get my OLED hat set up and working.

And here's a project I haven't tried yet:  https://github.com/brannondorsey/sniff-probes


DIYElectronics.za has good stuff: