Raspberry Pi Zero 2 Hardware Issue #1:

RPi 0 2 Heatsink Spacing vs. RPi 0 W Heatsink Spacing

I've turned at least 3 pwnagotchis into slimagotchis.  All three came out fine and the GPIO pins seat 100% for a total connection.

RPi 0 2 W

Since the heatsink shipped with the Vilros RPi0 2 kit is so tall, there are a few things that can help get the GPIO pins seated as much as possible.

These tips are:

This way, the resistors that OLED hat resistors which touch the heatsink are situated inbetween the heatsink fins.

Additionally, make sure to place the heatsink so the resistor has as much space between the fins (you can turn the heatsink 90% for "more" or "less" space between fins).

How to Fit Heatsink On RPi 0 2 + OLED Hat Slimagotchi

Raspberry Pi 0 2 Heatsink

This setup resulted in an almost-fully-seated GPIO-pin seating.

To get the GPIO pins fully seated with this heatsink, I think you might need to modify the heatsink by actually bending the fins to make a wider space for the resistors on the back of the OLED screen.

I'll try this on the next "pwnagotchi 2" I'll be making.  I have the parts - just need to make time.


Raspberry Pi Zero 2 Operating Systems

These are the only two RPi 0 2 operating systems I've gotten working so far.

I tried StickyFingers Kali Linux for armhf devices (aka arm64), but the LED lights on the RPi 0 2 didn't even turn on.

So I shelved the RPi 0 2 for now, since I'm having strong daily progress on making something out of the RPi 0 W + OLED hat.

Although my plan is to take Ubuntu arm64 and/or RaspberryPiOS arm64 and set them up to utilize OLED display scripts.

For now though, I'm continuing to work on the RPi 0 W.

At least now I know I at least Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi OS work on Raspberry Pi Zero 2!


Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi Zero 2

I haven't tried running a stock image file of Kali Linux on RPi Zero 2.

So I'll try running an image file of Kali for RPi 3/4 (aka arm64/armhf).

If that boots up, I can try to have it connect to WiFi via CLI.

If so, then I'll get the OLED scripts working to get the WiFi password.

And boom - headless Raspberry Pi Zero 2 with OLED button input and standalone WiFi connect (no other devices needed to connect RPi Zero 2 to your WiFi network, which can be a hotspot).