p4wnsolo 21-11-02: QR Code Generator

Today I’m working on the QR Code Generator. UPDATE #1:  I got it mostly done. UPDATE #2:  I re-inverted the QR code (so it’s not inverted now).  This results in a clearer, more readable, faster-scanning QR code.  Also, some QR Code scanner apps simply just don’t work with color-inverted QR codes. UPDATE #3:  I added […]

OLED RPi 0 2: Setting Up WiFi Scripts

I’ve been building my scripts using Raspberry Pi Zero W.  It’s been great – but it’s pretty slow. Lucky for me, the new Raspberry Pi Zero 2 came out not too long ago. So I took a stab at getting my OLED Python scripts from my Kali P4wnP1 ALOA to also work on my new […]

OLED P4wnP1 Dashboard: 2021-11-24

I created the P4wnP1 OLED Dashboard today!  (See Update at bottom of page, too) The source file I used was wifi-disp-adv-fontsize.py, since it already had a center-of-the-screen menu built into it. It also had the back-end code changes I made so the font-size AND screen elements are dynamically placed. For example, you can change the […]

OSINT Script-Server: 2021-11-23

I revived the OSINT script-server project today.   After unzipping my script-runner files to my fresh installation of bugy’s script-server, I was ready to go. Well – not exactly.  Apparently I set all my runners to use ~/script-server/scripts as the folder for storing downloaded scripts. So I went and did a ‘mkdir scripts’ in the […]

OLED P4wnP1 2021-11-22: Added Splash, Reconnecting Screens, Fixed Bugs

I made several improvements since the last update. Added “Reconnecting” OLED display screen immediately after user selects “Yes” or “No” when prompted to reconnect WiFi or not. Improved the “Scanning” OLED display screen (changed font to Prototype.ttf, made font bigger, only 3 lines of text, 2nd line of text has filled BG for max contrast) […]

OLED Splash Screens: DONE

Today I created two new scripts: 1)  wifi-splash-launch.py 2)  wifi-splash-loading.py Adapted from Demo.py (by DIY Electronics za)   I also signed up for Github (for the first time ever lol)!

OLED P4wnP1 2021-11-17: Starting the WiFi Script Automatically on Boot

UPDATE:  Got it half working!  The script boots up and re-connects to a previously-saved WiFi network just fine now – and runs through the entire cycle.  The issue is that “wifi-pw” gets skipped if the saved WiFi network is not found.  Need to fix.   Got it almost working using these steps: Burn “oledp4wnp1.img” to […]