UPDATE:  Dec 7, 2021 - The best working version I can find is from the Wes repo (below).  It's v1.0.2.

Check out this detailed writeup on Phoneinfoga from TheDarkSource.com.

Phoneinfoga makes Phone OSINT easy

Phoneinfoga is a phone info gathering tool.


Install Phoneinfoga with Docker

Using instructions from TheDarkSource, we easily install Phoneinfoga using Docker:

sudo docker pull sundowndev/phoneinfoga:latest

Then docker will download the latest Phoneinfoga docker image. It's just over 100MB.

On my Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, it takes just a few minutes.



Install Phoneinfoga from Alternate Repo

The official Phoneinfoga repo by sundowndev has been updated and doesn't want to work on my Raspberry Pi Zero (2) that I've been experimenting with.

So I tried the Wes repo:https://github.com/Wes974/PhoneInfoga

And it seems to have installed fine.

Here's how:

git clone https://github.com/Wes974/PhoneInfoga.git

cd PhoneInfoga

pip3 install -r requirements.txt


I tested the install steps above on:


How to Install Phoneinfoga from Binary

The quickest, easiest, most reliable way to install Phoneinfoga is from the binary file.  Other install methods can be buggy / have un-meetable requirements.

UPDATE (Dec 7 '21):  I installed the Phoneinfoga binary on Raspberry Pi Zero 2, but it doesn't fetch info.  The version I tried was:

[i] PhoneInfoga 2.3.8 (8403f33)

Step 1:  Download the Phoneinfoga Binary Using wget for Linux

  1. Navigate to this page in your browser:  Phoneinfoga releases
  2. Locate the binary file release that corresponds with your OS.  (Since I'm running a 64-bit VM of Kali Linux, I chose the "PhoneInfoga_Linux_x86_64.tar.gz" file).  For RaspberryPi Zero 2 W, select PhoneInfoga_Linux_armv6.tar.gz.
  3. Copy the link address of the file. Why? We will Paste the link in just a minute.
  4. Open a Terminalby pressing CtrlAltT (for Linux) or CommandSpace "terminal" Return (for Mac)
  5. Type in (and Paste)..wget addressYouCopied (Make sure to replace the addressYouCopied part with the link you Copied from the previous few steps)
  6. Press Enter to download Phoneinfoga binary file.

Step 2:  Extract Phoneinfoga

Extract ("decompress") the binary file from the tar file:

tar xvf nameOfBinaryFileYouDownloaded

Step 3: Run the phoneinfoga program:

Run this command to see how to use Phoneinfoga (or see the examples below):

./phoneinfoga --help


How to Use Phoneinfoga

Phoneinfoga Commands:

python3 phoneinfoga.py --help

Example commands:

Quick Phone Number Lookup

Quickly look up a phone number in the Command Line interface:

./phoneinfoga scan -n +15551236789


Perform OSINT Scan + Normal Scan

python3 phoneinfoga.py -n 14806488420 --osint


Scan + Output to Text File

python3 phoneinfoga.py -n 14806488420 -o deletemenow.txt


Launch Phoneinfoga Web Server

Run Phoneinfoga as a web server so you can access it in your browser:

./phoneinfoga serve -p 8181

(where 8181 is the port number of your choosing)

Then launch your browser and type in your local IP address along with the port number, exactly like this:


This install process was tested as "working" on a 64 bit Kali VM in Q3 of 2021.


How Does Phoneinfoga Work?



Phoneinfoga on Android and Windows

Use Termux and theDarkSource's guide to setup Phoneinfoga on Android or Windows.




Update Phoneinfoga

Note:  Updating Phoneinfoga messed up my installation.  So I had to re-clone the "Wes" alternate repo to reinstall Phoneinfoga.

Did you know Phoneinfoga updates itself if you just run this command?

python3 phoneinfoga.py -u

I ran the command and it updated my Phoneinfoga from v1.0.2 to v2.3.9!

Apparently it updated the OSINT files and python script.

Here's the output of the Phoneinfoga update command:

*Note: This was particularly helpful for me since I had to install an old version of Phoneinfoga.

pi@raspberrypi:~/sw/phoneinfoga/2/PhoneInfoga $ python3 phoneinfoga.py -u
___ _ _____ __
/ _ \ |__ ___ _ __ ___ \_ \_ __ / _| ___ __ _ __ _
/ /_)/ '_ \ / _ \| '_ \ / _ \ / /\/ '_ \| |_ / _ \ / _` |/ _` |
/ ___/| | | | (_) | | | | __/\/ /_ | | | | _| (_) | (_| | (_| |
\/ |_| |_|\___/|_| |_|\___\____/ |_| |_|_| \___/ \__, |\__,_|
PhoneInfoga Ver. v1.0.2
Coded by Sundowndev

Updating PhoneInfoga...
Actual version: v1.0.2
Last version: v2.3.9
[*] Updating OSINT files
[*] Updating python script
The tool was successfully updated.


Yet Another Way to Install Phoneinfoga



Extra Links:


Install PhoneInfoga on Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

Tested as working on Dec 7, 2021 on RPi 0 2 W running RaspberryPi OS Latest.

wget https://github.com/sundowndev/phoneinfoga/releases/download/v2.3.8/PhoneInfoga_Linux_armv6.tar.gz

tar xvf PhoneInfoga_Linux_armv6.tar.gz

./phoneinfoga --help


Phoneinfoga Versions (Tested on Raspberry Pi Zero 2)

Phoneinfoga v2.3.8 (installed from binary)

Phoneinfoga v1.0.2 (installed from Wes repo)

Phoneinfoga Docker (unable to install due to chip architecture incompatibility)

Phoneinfoga v1.10.9 (installed from ______?)


Install Phoneinfoga with Docker


sudo sh /scripts/prebuild.sh

docker build .


Known Phoneinfoga Repos