So I've been trying to get Phoneinfoga to work as part of my OLED P4wnP1 setup.

But I have really had trouble getting solid output from Phoneinfoga.

So I set out to make my own!

Here are my notes from creating this Python script to reverse lookup a phone number to first, last, and maybe even middle name, address etc.:

Maybe Easier to Build My Own Phoneinfoga?

If I just use websites that take a phone number as a URL parameter, I can simply fetch the website and scrape only the data we want.


For example:

(See more about this method on this StackOverflow thread)


Uncover a site's URL parameter to use it in your Python script

After we see this Parameter in our Network output, we can simply right-click on the "?number=.." text entry, click Copy, then click Copy Link Address.

Here's the address I got when I copied the text:

Then paste this into a new browser window, hit Go, and see what happens.

In this case of this website (, it worked!

What does this mean?

This means we can add the newly-found URL parameter to the domain name - and boom - we get our output.

Here's how the URL looks after adding the new parameter ("number="):

When we go to that URL in our browser, it works!  (Except for the number being invalid, since that's just an example)

The point is:  we can now use Python to ..

If we do this on a few websites, we should have quite an amazing wealth of directories to search.


CallProtect can lookup a name from phone number!

In the tests I ran, it successfully found the First and Last Name of 2 out of roughly 6 peoples' phone numbers I tried.  One of the 2 was myself!


Phone Info Sites to Scrape


Phone Number to Name Lookup


Info Available on

Info Available on

Info available on

Info available on Spydialer*:

Spydialer can't be easily accessed without manually browsing to their website using a web browser.

Therefore, we can easily generate a QR code to take you there.  Spydialer is great because it gets the person's name!

Info from*

Like spydialer, numlookup requires Captcha verification.  So it'll work on a phone.


General Info Sites to Scrape


Name to Email

Building the Phone Lookup Script

I used the code snippet in the first Answer from this StackOverflow thread to get the website.

Then I parsed the website HTML code using this code snippet from GeeksForGeeks.

Actually, for the first website I parsed, I ended up using two different "parses":

  1. Parse the output to get the person's name (since it was in a "th" HTML tag, different from the "td" tags for the other data)
  2. Parse the output to get all the other info on screen (by looking for "td" HTML tags)

I added the ability for the script to accept a parameter - then use that as the Phone Number to reverse lookup.

Finally, the script displays the parsed output!

And that's pretty much it.

To re-cap:

  1. We fetch the website
  2. Parse the output
  3. Display the parsed output


At this point, we can take the script in any direction.

The direction that makes the most sense is to add X more websites to parse - then combine the data from all websites.



Like in this StackOverflow thread, we should be able to press a "Submit" button from the command line.





Resources not used (but looked at):