I added the following hardware components to p4wnsolo.  She's looking quite a bit better and feeling more solid these days:

Look closely to see the white plastic spacers (they look blue here) inbetween the OLED screen and RPi 0 W

Cinch Strap

This unexpectedly solved at least a few issues / requirements for the hardware side of p4wnsolo.

For one thing, the right-side of p4wnsolo was dangling.

This fixed that, since I was able to run the cinch strap through the plastic spacers I added.

Once the cinch strap was looped through the spacers, you simply wrap the cinch strap around your power bank.

And presto!  P4wnsolo now has full body support.

Thanks cinch strap!

Rubber Cinch Strap - I looped this through 2 of the plastic spacers, then wrap it around your power bank

M2.5 x 20mm Pan Head Machine Screw

Note:  The "20mm" screw size is for SLIMagotchi.  This means if you've cut down the GPIO pins to be shorter than normal, then you're slimagotchi.

If you have NOT cut your GPIO pins, you're not slimagotchi size and will need to use 22mm screws instead of 20mm.

M2.5 x 20mm Pan Head Machine Screws (from Ace Hardware - $0.65 each)

M2.5 Hex Nut

M2.5 Hex Nut (from Ace Hardware - $0.40 each)

M2.5 Flat Washers

M2.5 Flat Washer (from Ace Hardware - $0.35 each)


Plastic Spacers

Technical details:

Plastic spacers to provide stability between RPi 0 and OLED screen (from Home Depot - Everbilt 0.140 inch ID x 1/4 in OD x 1/4 in L plastic spacers)

  Actual image:

Picture of the plastic spacer I got (the image here may be a different size - but the stated measurements are correct)