I revived the OSINT script-server project today.


After unzipping my script-runner files to my fresh installation of bugy's script-server, I was ready to go.

Well - not exactly.  Apparently I set all my runners to use ~/script-server/scripts as the folder for storing downloaded scripts.

So I went and did a 'mkdir scripts' in the /script-server/ folder.

I also had to 'mv script-server' to ~ for my runner files to work properly.


But once those few things were fixed, I was actually ready to go!


Once I got script-server running, my first task was to install Phoneinfoga.

I clicked my "Phoneinfoga - Download" script, hit Run, and a minute later Phoneinfoga was installed.

Actually running Phoneinfoga on the Raspbierry Pi Zero W, however, was not so successful.  I got some Connection error.

I'll try it on RPi 0 2.


Until then, I'm trying Torghost.

Torghost installed just fine (supposedly).

Script server on P4wnP1 with custom OLED WiFi connect scripts

Let's see how it runs!

But first..

Before I run Torghost, I'll curl icanhazip.com to see what our starting IP address is.

So I click on "Whats My IP" under the "Tor" heading in OSINT Script Server.  You can select from 3 sites to ping.

Click Whats My IP

Then click Execute.

Click Execute to get your IP address


Now, in OSINT Script Server, click the Tor heading.

Then click Torghost.

Now click the Execute butt0n.

Click Execute to run Torghost and get a new IP address.


So I ran Torghost, but immediately received some errors.

Here's one:

Torghost error

At this point, Torghost on RPi 0 W (via Script-server) seems stuck at "Fetching current IP".

I'll give it a shot on a different device, once again, such as RPi 0 2.


Next I may try Tortipi.