Today I went back to the RPi 0 W branch of my scripts, since lately I've been messing with the RPi 0 2 lately instead.  But I've been making way more progress with Raspberry Pi 0 W, since (at this time) P4wnP1 image file doesn't exist for Raspbbery Pi Zero 2.


Return to Pi Zero W

In returning to the RPi 0 scripts, I added the Dashboard display script into crontab.  This way it launches on boot - at the end of the wifi-connect series of scripts.

Adding the wifi-dash script to crontab was easy, except I forgot to fix the relative file references.

Resumed work on p4wnsolo Dashboard

WiFi Error Cases

No, at this point, the error cases haven't been all added in (or even mostly).  But I plan to get to that eventually.


For now, here's the flow: && #Show splash screen wlan0 && #Scan for WiFi && #Ask to reconnect && #Display WiFi networks && #Display PW input screen && #Check connection #Ask to save network #Show main Dashboard



The "wifi-disp-adv-fontsize" filename was a temporary filename as a branch of the "wifi-disp" file.  I added dynamic font sizing to it at some point.  It was for this reason that I chose to use it as the basis for the Dashboard display file:

So, for now, think "wifi-dash" when you read "".  I'll change the filename.. eventually.

Parts of WiFi-Dash

Here's the plan for how I'd currently like the wifi-dash screen to work.

From the top left corner of the screen (

  1. Top menu bar:  Shows status icons, time / date.  Think system tray.  Current icons (in parentheses below) include:
    1. WiFi Signal strength (bars):  shows WiFi link quality (%0 to %100) using 5 bars.
    2. Internet connection (globe):  tells whether or not the device can ping
    3. Privacy (eye):  shows if traffic is currently routed through Tor network or not (torghost)
    4. Bluetooth (bt):  relay info on Bluetooth connection
    5. VNC (tv):  shows if NoVNC is turned On / Off, whether or not anyone's connected
    6. Server (server):  shows if some server is turned ON (spiderfoot, phoneinfoga, helloworld)
  2. Left vertical bar:  This could have scroll-related indicators (triangle pointing down for "more items" indicator)
    1. Progress / status / monitor bars?  Such as CPU / ram bars - or a background task progress
  3. Main display area:  Anything.  Right now it loads 4 lines from a text file (mnu-main.txt)
  4. Bottom status bar:  This is a roughly 20px-tall "white" bar at the bottom.  Could show anything.  Now it says "Status:  Gro0vy" 😉
  5. KEY 1,2,3 Button indicators:  These are intended to show what will happen when you press KEY 1, 2, or 3.
  6. Notification icon:  I managed to squeezed this font-awesome envelope icon in for messages / notifications.
  7. Battery icon:  Last but not least, the battery icon could display output of a PiSugar / UPS Lite pwnagotchi-style plugin.