I made several improvements since the last update.

Added "Reconnecting" OLED display screen immediately after user selects "Yes" or "No" when prompted to reconnect WiFi or not.

Reconnecting WiFi screen appears immediately after making Yes/No selection

Improved the "Scanning" OLED display screen (changed font to Prototype.ttf, made font bigger, only 3 lines of text, 2nd line of text has filled BG for max contrast)

P4wnSolo scanning WiFi OLED display screen improved w/bigger text & better font

Fixed wifi-disp.py and wifi-pw-skiptest.py to show wifi-select screen when user selects "No - don't reconnect" in wifi-askreconnect.py

    • With wifi-w-skiptest.py, I had trouble fixing the error "ValueError: I/O operation on closed file" - Until I realized I was saying "while f.read.." and then using "xf.read" a few lines later.  I fixed "xf" by changing it to "f" and everything was good.
Enter WiFi Password using Joystick on P4wnP1

Created & added wifi-splash-launch.py splash screen to wifi-wrap.py!  For this, I used a custom font and a loop to rotate the image.  This created a faux "animation" intro splash screen.  Maybe this makes the device a little bit less "static" and come alive more.

P4wnSolo launch screen "animation"

Created (but didn't yet add) wifi-splash-loading.py.  This is - once again - a custom font to display "loading screen" lines of text on the OLED screen.

P4wnSolo loading screen


To Do:


Added:  Ask-Reconnect Countdown Timer

I added a "countdown" timer to the wifi-askreconnect.py script.

This displays a 5-second countdown in parentheses next to the "Yes" option when the script asks if the user wants to Reconnect to WiFi or not.

Auto-select "Yes" after 5 seconds of no input when asked to Reconnect (the "P4WN" is just debug/test text)

Basically, this selects "Yes" (reconnect) by default if the user doesn't choose No before the 5 seconds runs out.

The purpose of this is to make input-free WiFi reconnections on boot-up.

This way you can plug in your P4wnP1 to power, walk away for a minute, come back, and P4wnP1 is connected to WiFi.