Today I added several "display" screens to the Connect-to-WiFi script.

For example, I added a screen that says "Connecting" when it's connecting to WiFi.

I added OLED display screens to show..

P4wnP1 WiFi scanning OLED screen
Connecting to WiFi OLED screen
WiFi Connection Error
Confirmation of WiFi connection (association with SSID)
WiFi Link Quality in %
Internet Connection Test (DNS Check)


Existing OLED Screens:

WiFi SSID scan results
Enter WiFi Password using Joystick on P4wnP1
WiFi Password Entry Screen Photo 2


To Do:

Reduce amount of blank screen time inbetween scripts.

In particular, after sends the command to Connect to WiFi, several seconds elapse before the screen is not blank.  Fix this so the screen isn't blank for so long.

More specifically:

Say "Connecting" on OLED screen AFTER running the P4wnP1_cli command, BEFORE the print("Sleep 5 seconds") text