The Offensive Dockerfiles collection is a repository of some of the best OSINT apps available.

How to Install Offensive Dockerfiles (Collection):

Check out these 2 methods to install and run Offensive Dockerfiles:  use the DeployHelper ("automatic") or build-and-run one-by-one.

Method 1:  Run the Offensive Dockerfiles DeployHelper

Note:  This does not work with OLD (32-bit) computers.  You need a 64-bit Windows, Linux, or Mac computer to run the Offensive Dockerfiles DeployHelper script.

Editor opinion:  At first, I really liked the DeployHelper.  But after using it for awhile, I ended up switching over to just manually running and building (using Method 2) for the simplicity.

Try Method 1 and Method 2 - see which one works best for you.

Example #1:

Step 1:  Clone

git clone

Step 2:  Change to the newly-cloned folder:

cd Offensive-Dockerfiles

Step 3:  Change to the bin folder

cd bin

Step 4:  Launch the deploy helper (but replace "linux" in the command with the part of the file that corresponds with your operating system environment - for Mac use "darwin", Windows use "windows", for Linux leave it as "linux")


Method 2:  Manually Build and Run Offensive Dockerfiles

Use the steps below if:

Example #2:

git clone
cd Offensive-Dockerfiles/sqlmap
sudo docker build -t sqlmap .
sudo docker run -it sqlmap:latest --wizard
git clone

*** Important Note #1: In the third line of the code snippet above, the "." is required.

*** Important Note #2: In the 2nd and 3rd lines of the code snippet above, change "sqlmap" to the name of whatever program you want to launch (such as emailharvester, cmseek, photon, etc).

*** Important Note #3: In the 4th line of the code snippet above, make sure you include the ":latest" text.

# Now run the deployHelper to launch the Offensive Dockerfiles menu in the CLI: