Check out this guide on making your own version of Buscador OS.


Apps to install in a fresh Kali VM:

  1. Spiderfoot (has GUI!)
  2. theHarvester (pre-installed in Kali!)
  3. Sherlock
  4. Phoneinfoga (has GUI!)
  5. Twint
  6. Instalooter
  7. H8mail
  8. Photon (available in Offensive Dockerfiles collection)
  9. Gasmask
  10. Sublist3r
  11. Skiptracer
  12. Offensive Dockerfiles collection
  13. Knock


Google Earth Pro:

Hunchly (Google Chrome addon)




OSINT API Keys to Gather:


How to Spin Up a Kali VM for OSINT:


How to Clone / Backup Kali VM:


Kali Tools to Install Programs Easily

Some helpful things to make sure are installed in your Linux environment include the installer tools listed below.  Most of these (but not all - such as Docker!) are included with most versions of Linux:


Follow the steps below or refer to the official Kali documentation on how to install Docker in Kali Linux.

After Docker is installed, see my quick write-up on how to run Docker using the Offensive Dockerfiles collection:


Web Browsers for Kali

These browsers are in order from most secure to least secure, depending on your needs:

Tor Browser



Qute Browser (not secure like Tor Browser, but lightweight for slow / old machines)


Google Chrome



Secure File Sharing, Web Server, and Chat

OnionShare (official website) works on Mac, Linux, and Windows.  OnionShare boasts:

Installing OnionShare in Mac/Windows is a simple matter of downloading the installer file (.EXE for Windows, .DMG for Mac).  To install OnionShare in Linux, you'll need to first make sure SNAP is installed, then follow the official OnionShare Linux install guide.

Secure Notes in The Cloud

Use these to take notes or copy-and-paste (as a cloud-based clipboard) from one VM / PC to another.